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Baseball Cap.

Baseball Cap.

Obtain Get Real. Get Maine! Promotional items.

Get Real Get Maine promotional materials

The get real. get Maine! logo is a recognizable way for your customers to know your agricultural products are from Maine! Any business or individual who primarily grows, raises, harvests or processes in Maine can take advantage of using promotional logo tools in conjunction with food or other direct labeling of packaging. Take advantage of the order form below or contact us to learn about incorporating the logo into your actual design work. We will quickly fill your order to help you promote your Maine products by using the easily identifiable hanging tags, plant tags, or displaying the popular small and large stickers on your food and other agricultural products.

If your products don't necessarily fit the use definitions above - no worries - as a Maine business or individual you can still help to promote Maine food, farms and forest producers by utilizing some of our other great logo items! Aprons, Hats, Manager Signs and Banners are great ways to show you support this Maine logo and what it means for farmers. It is also great way to show you carry products in your retail establishment that wear the logo, or even that you use the products on your menu as a restaurant, hospital, school or other dining venue.

get real. get Maine! is about Maine food, farm and forest producers in the great State of Maine; thanks for showing your support through purchase of these low cost logo items.

To receive the digital logo for use on your product labels, packaging or other marketing efforts please contact Tonya Perkins at 287-3491.



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