Farmers' Market in Bath, ME

Farmers' Market in Bath, ME

Farmers' Markets

Maine farmers' markets offer high quality, delicious foods and agricultural products, harvested fresh and sold direct to you by your neighbors, the farmers. Markets are located throughout the State, and each offers a unique blend of personalities and products. Search below for a market in your town or county.  Visit more than one to enjoy all the flavors of Maine!

Farmers' Market in Portland, ME

Farmers' Market in Portland, ME



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Permits Required For Starting a Farmers' Market

State statutes regarding Maine Farmers' Markets

Resources for vendors and organizers of farmers' markets can be found at The Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets

Maine farms, farmers' markets and farm stands are now accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  Please check at the bottom of the page to see if there is a market in your area.

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For more information regarding starting a farmers' market please e-mail or call 287-3491

Download Additional Information:
Implementing WIC & SNAP at Maine Farmers Markets
Information on how to become certified to accept SNAP and WIC benefits.
Maine Farms accept SNAP Benefits
Maine farms, farmers' market and farm stands are now accepting SNAP benefits, please check the attached listing for a farm area near you.
ME Farm Signs information
Letter from Chip Kelley of the ME DOT about the rules and laws for farm signs.
SNAP & WIC Resources
Information on who to contact, application links, and where to find more information.