Ducktrap Valley Maple Farm
153 Dickey Mill RD
Belmont, ME 04952-3306

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Phone: 207-342-3179

About Ducktrap Valley Maple Farm

A small sugaring operation in the flat land of the Ducktrap River Valley. The home of the Gold Seal maple sweetened pies and products. Maple syrup and sugar, apples, wild Maine blueberry and pecan pies, Maple holiday cakes, Wild Maine blueberry maple syrup, maple apple butter, Baked beans for supper, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, conditions permitting. Sugarbush tours, restrooms, handicapped accessible, school tours. Hours: March 22-23, 9AM- 5PM

What You Will Find at Our Farm
Licensed Maple Syrup Producer
Other Processed Products
Maple Syrup