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131 River Road
Madison, ME 04950

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About Backyard Farms

At Backyard Farms, we're committed to growing fresh, ripened-on-the-vine tomatoes year-round for consumers across the Northeast. Backyard Farms' tomatoes can be found in Whole Foods, Hannaford, Shaw's, Star Market, Shop-Rite and other leading retailers across New England and the metro New York area.

Cocktail Tomatoes, Tomatoes on the Vine, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Somerset Pink Tomatoes

All Backyard Farms tomatoes are non-GMO and are hydroponically grown in our 42 acre greenhouse where they are left on the vine until fully ripe. They are then picked, packed, and shipped no further than a day's drive to your local market, creating a tomato that is sweet and bursting with flavor.

Due to our high food safety standards, we are unable to offer tours to the public.

What You Will Find at Our Farm
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